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Jul 1, 2021
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What happens if you accidentally, or because you were not sure, use a terminal installation command twice, for example, PPA repository, Drivers, or if you added something like a new arch (add newarch i386), any, ANY sort of new file into your System more than once (of the SAME file)?

For example, simple apps, like Install --Wine, the terminal displays "looks like it's already installed". But what about the rest of new files? And what happens if you install Wine again, even when it was already installed? Will you get duplicates/double processes/less hard disk space?

It depends on the command. If it's already installed, it's not going to install a second time. Nor will it add an architecture twice. It'd possibly add a PPA a second time, but that'd not do anything but slowdown the update. You can always just test that for yourself and then remove it if it adds a duplicate.
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