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Rasperry Pi 3 projects


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May 2, 2017
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An important part of my Linux arsenal is my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I am seeking ideas for future projects to do on my pi. Currently, I use the pi for these tasks:
  1. PHP / Apache / MySQL (test websites, development)
  2. FreeRADIUS (username / passwords to access my wifi)
  3. Mantis bug tracking db
  4. Network storage (documents back-up to USB drive)

I am interested in LDAP. I like the idea of having one single username and password to access all my machines (including NAS) and WiFi access (I can link FreeRADIUS to the LDAP server). Has anyone set this up in a home environment?

I am running a Raspberry Pi 3 as an ADS-B receiver using the Stratux software to track aircraft around my local area. I eventually am going to figure out how to forward the dump-1090 data to another piece of software that will be able to plot it on a more robust map, similar to what FlightAware is using.


(Above: Raspberry Pi 3, ADS-B 1090ES Receiver, Stratux GPS Module)


(Above: Stratux GPS Module)