Recovery libraries on RAID CentOS Server


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Hi! I don't know about Linux anything. But on my work I have RAID server with CentOS 5 Kernel system.

Recently, something happened with it. Server have a ping, gives out ip addresses, but dont work like a file server and can't log from PUTTY.

When I write differend command it show up error:

"error while loading shared libraries: usr/lib64/ invalid ELF header"

From various sources I learned that it may be due system library damage and that I can use SystemRescueCD for Recover system, but I don't understend how to use it.

Can you explain me how to use that live CD for recovery damaged libraries, please.



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First of all CentOS 5 is very old. You might want to consider ungrading to 7.x or 8.1

You need to boot from the Rescue CD (really any "live" CD will work).
then mount your hard drive, copy the RPMs over and re-install them.

liblber is part of LDAP, it seems you are using ldap authentication to login.
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