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Remote Desktop Connection from Windows XP to Ubuntu 22.04


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Sep 10, 2022
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I try to make a remote desktop connection from XP to Ubuntu 22.04. It works fine from Ubuntu to XP via Remmina and XRDP, but not the other way round.

When I open remote desktop on XP (SP3 RDP 7.0) I get a message "An authentification error has occured, the function requested is not supported"

I was able to get to the XRDP Logon screen once when I tried Linux Mint XFCE, but only to gat a black screen and crash once logged on. So I tried to go to Ubuntu with Gnome Desktop. Installed xfce, opened the firewall to all (sudo ufw allow 3389) just to see if a connection is possible - no luck.

Now the question: Is it even possible to get from XP to Linux 22.04 or am I wasting my time trying to fix a problem that cannot be fixed?

Thank you


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