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rm: cannot remove directory '/var/www/var/cache': Device or resource busy



Hello everyone,

I trying to remove a directory, but I am getting the following error:
sudo rm -rf /var/www/var
rm: cannot remove directory `/var/www/var/cache': Device or resource busy
rm: cannot remove directory `/var/www/var/session': Device or resource busy

I have seen some tips at innovationsts.com/blog/?p=658 but even so I could not remove this directory.

The results I get from lsof and fuser commands were:
sudo lsof -w /var/www/var ->No result
sudo lsof -w /var/www/var/cache ->No result
sudo lsof -w /var/www/var/session ->No result
sudo fuser -mu /var/www/var/cache ->No result
sudo fuser -mu /var/www/var/session ->No result

sudo fuser -mu /var/www/var
/var/www/var/: 1rce(root) 2rc(root) 3rc(root) 4rc(root) 5rc(root) 6rc(root) 7rc(root) 8rc(root) 9rc(root) 10rc(root) 11rc(root) 12rc(root) 14rc(root) 15rc(root) 16rc(root) 17rc(root) 18rc(root) 20rc(root) 22rc(root) 23rc(root) 24rc(root) 25rc(root) 26rc(root) 27rc(root) 28rc(root) 29rc(root) 30rc(root) 31rc(root) 32rc(root) 33rc(root) 34rc(root) 35rc(root) 38rc(root) 39rc(root) 40rc(root) 41rc(root) 49rce(root) 71rce(root) 73rce(root) 169rce(root) 178rce(root) 287rc(root) 301rce(root) 376rce(ntp) 420rce(root) 427rce(syslog) 429rce(messagebus) 483rce(root) 484rce(daemon) 829rce(clamav) 934rce(clamav) 1076rce(root) 1095rce(root) 1151rce(root) 1198re(root) 1201re(root) 1203re(root) 1212e(dovecot) 1213e(dovecot) 1214e(dovecot) 1215e(dovecot) 1216e(dovecot) 1217e(dovecot) 1234rce(root) 1316re(root) 1376rce(root) 4523rce(clamav) 5820rce(root) 5823rce(www-data) 5824rce(www-data) 5825rce(www-data) 5826rce(www-data) 5827rce(www-data) 5946rce(root) 6015rce(ubuntu) 6016rce(ubuntu)

I am using Ubuntu Linux 10.04.3 LTS.

Please, help...

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