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Apr 30, 2017
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I am going to be featuring a large amount of rock, and there is a blurry definition between Pop and Soft Rock, but I am sure we can accommodate all tastes.

I'll start this off with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), joined by Nash and Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash & Young



That lead guitarist is HOT, Peer :D... and the singer - the more I listened, the more I liked.

You might like this one, from 1971 Peer. Deep Purple - lead singer Ian Gillan, guitar Ritchie Blackmore, Bass Roger Glover, Drums Ian Paice, Keyboards Jon Lord

Enjoy ... Fireball (filmed in Japan)

Wizard ... keep 'em comin' :cool:
My Goodness ... I knew there must be good reasons I like you folks so much, apart from Linux :cool:

Thanks for sharing, Tom!!

Found this one yesterday (appropriate name) - 4 Legends for the price of one.

Sir Paul at the helm, but featuring Phill Collins on drums, and Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and Eric Clapton (Cream) on guitars.


Friday here in Oz, so you know I am going to say

Enjoy your Linux and


Might put in a bit of Trivia (& by all means, you folks too?) as we go.

Bob Seger's "Her Strut" Tom featured was from his 1980 album "Against The Wind", and it featured on the computer game "Grand Theft Auto IV" released in 2008.

Had a couple of roos (kangaroos), moderate size about 5 feet tall (150cm) grazing between my front yard and back yard this afternoon. The drought brings them in close.

I'd swear the female boxed the male about the ears because he was paying too close attention to those ladies in Tom's videos. They have good eyesight and hearing.
Shameless self-promotion I know - but here's my new band No Thursday War playing live on new years eve 2018/2019. The song is called "Brucie on the Course" a nonsensical ode to legendary UK TV personality Sir Bruce Forsyth (RIP). Whoever filmed it is missing the songs intro, but it looks like they started filming just before the first verse. So it's almost the whole song!

The lyrics are basically catch-phrases from various UK TV game-shows - some of which were NOT actually presented by ol' Brucie.

and from "Color Purple".....

Violin ....Itzhak Perlman

Color Purple
....and.......Itzhak Perlman ...again..

Massenet (Meditation from Thais )
and just to thoroughly bore your socks it....loud.....your wife will appreciate it.....

Salut d'Amour (love letter)
one more...>?

Devils Trill.....Perlman

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