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Rock Roxx

Meat Loaf was one heck of a showman. I had the chance to see him in concert a number of times and enjoyed each one a great deal. He's one of those artists who can make a live performance as good as a studio recording.

I am sure some of you may be familiar with this situation. :D

This singer is presented via Americas got Talent......please put up with the crap before and after he sings, Listen to the voice. Watch the 'body language', and the passion in the delivery.

He is just 14 years old.

His name is Benicio Bryant.

Led Zeppelin "Achilles Last Stand" from their 7th studio album "Presence" released March 1976.

Takes about 10:30 so be warned!

Takes about 10:30 so be warned!
Think it's long!., not so much rock but folk/rock this song always takes me back to my latter teenage years, and fond memories
[just over 18 minutes]

I liked his Motorcycle Song, too (I Just want a Pickle)

David and I probably felt a bit of this the other day, with hordes of marauding spammers charging into our site.

Here's Bowie and Queen

"Under Pressure"

I know we've touched on Tull before, but it's time for this:

Long Song....46 minutes.

Have a listen to the Sax player......

I feel like a bit of Janis Ian today

The term diva annoys me because it seems to be applied to any female singer who has been around for a couple of years and had a few hits.

Carole King turned 80 a few weeks ago.

Have a listen to her first song, written when she was 17. She is a diva.

I'd diva into the pool after her any day.......
she has written some brilliant songs, too many to have one favourite, so my offering is from the Carol king demo's collection, written for the Monkees
Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine


Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine


I had forgotten about this one.

Also out around the same time was the king of Buskers Don Partrage [don't know if he made it out of the UK] he was still busking around Ken & Sussex in the late 90's
Here is another of my old time comedy favourites, listen carefully!

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