Rock Roxx

Many years ago, Mick Jagger once referred to these guys as his favourite band.

Little Feat with "Let It Roll"


I'll come back another time with a bit more on these guys


and the power of the video and before it the film clip.

But for now, enjoy

Take On Me

"Hotel California" the Eagles at their best.

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I have just cracked the 6,000 likes mark, and have 132 Followers (no accounting for taste, poor lost souls) and so, now, given that modesty is one of the most abundant of my many virtues, I feel it is time to share one of my favourite funny songs, with Mac Davis, in this one joined by Kenny Rogers.

Take it away, Mac

Ah yes, this was part of my regular set when I was a semi-pro in the entertainment world... my god thats 40 years ago
I believe this piece is nearing 50 years old

Kate Bush's 1985 masterwork, Running Up That Hill , is charting again — because it featured in the first episode of the fourth series of Stranger Things — wonderfully heartening. No, not because of nostalgia: I don't need my TV to keep sifting through the cupboards of my youth to keep me happy. But because music-sharing platforms were delivering on their promise of creating a musical universe that is truly time-shifted.

By the weekend, Kate Bush was number one on iTunes and it clearly didn't matter at all that her music is approaching half a century old.

And....some pure Kate Bush

Just one more....Kate was just 19 when she wrote this :

not exactly rock....but.....

May whatever is hurting you and making you anxious get better. May the overthinking and the doubts leave your mind, may clarity replace confusion, and may God's strength replace your weakness! You're loved!
Seriously cool Bohemian Rhapsody

The most beautiful voice.......

On Kate Bush - hey Brian, let's not make her older than she is :).

Wuthering Heights was 1978, so 44 years ago this year.

Kate was a discovery of, and protege to (and he, her mentor) David Gilmour, lead singer and lead guitar in Pink Floyd.

What a wonderful discovery. Kate is 30 July 1958, so 10 months younger than me (and much better looking).

Following is an interview from 1993, not HD unfortunately.

and the following really inspires me, because of the story attached to it (I have featured this one before), and featuring one of my fave actors, Donald Sutherland as Kate's father


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