Rock Roxx

Well, and this one.
This was a great song, too bad that Roy was not there to do it in person. It was kinda eerie with his chair rocking when his part came up. It reminds me of the magazine tribute to Mel Blanc, the one with a spotlighted empty mike in the foreground, and all the characters he gave voice to standing sadly in the shadows. Now George is gone too. Very sad, and it makes it even more important to preserve videos like this.
Here is one of my all time favourites. Dire straits "Sultans of Swing"

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy Trails,
You won't find these on Radio or TV but they are pretty good none the less.


While I was in the Memphis, Tennessee area and south of there this was a popular sound.
After leaving that area you would not hear it, unless you went looking for it.
Has a unique sound and style all it's own - Cajun Zydeco

Couldnt find the more recent one of John

and this not everybodies cup of tea....but....the man has Passion......and one hell of a voice....

and for flat out brilliance......


Brian @Condobloke spent a number of years living in Condobolin, hence the userid, in north-west New South Wales, Australia.

One of Condobolin's favourite sons is Shannon Noll. Shannon was runner up to Guy Sebastian in Australia's first series of Australian Idol.

One of Shannon's hits was a cover hit of "What About Me?", a song originally performed by Australia' band Moving Pictures in 1982, twenty years earlier.

So I am providing here the original, and then Shannon's version.


Well there's a little boy waiting at the counter of the corner shop
He's been waiting down there, waiting half the day,
They never ever see him from the top
He gets pushed around, knocked to the ground,
He gets to his feet and he says
What about me? It isn't fair
I've had enough, now I want my share
Can't you see, I want to live
But you just take more than you give
Well, there's a pretty girl serving at the counter of the corner shop
She's been waiting back there, waiting for a dream,
Her dreams walk in and out, they never stop
Well, she's not too proud, to cry out loud
She runs to the street and she screams
What about me? It isn't fair
I've had enough, now I want my share
Can't you see, I want to live
But you just take more than you give
More than you give
Take a step back and see the little people
They might be young, but they're the ones that make the big people big
So listen as they whisper:
"What about me?"
And now I'm standing on the corner, all the world's gone home
Nobody's changed, nobody's been saved
And I'm feeling cold and alone
I guess I'm lucky, I smile a lot
But sometimes I wish for more than I've got
What about me? It isn't fair
I've had enough, now I want my share
Can't you see, I want to live
But you just take more than you give
What about me?
What about me?


Shannon is actually a nice young bloke......wild as a hornet on heat....but Genuine. They dont come any more aussie than him. He came to tea one arvo and said it was good to be back in Condo because he could just be himself....whereas outside of Condo...especially in Sydney etc etc he always had to 'perform' to fit the image his managers put forward of him.

OMG Meatloaf, Foghat ... what we have in common, Fish :cool:

Hey Tom, I saw Wings 10 November 1975 in Brisbane. I was on my 2nd date with a girl Angela from my Japanese class at University, she turned me down for a 3rd date, oh well.

The Australian leg of the tour was called Wings Over Australia, 2 hours of brilliant music.

Here's some rare footage but be aware it is 45 minutes or so, enjoy

Wiz, out for the night.
I accidentally stumbled across this guy over 10 years ago, his vocal range is uncanny to the point of being unsettling. Crazy good singer, the song he does about his mother is a good song as well.

Bumac Vitas - or Vitas Bumac not sure as I am not fluent in Russian ......... it ain't rock
but hang on for the ride.

Gosh, more good stuff for me to listen to while I am working tomorrow, thanks Tom, thanks Fishy.

Hey, Fishy, you and the folks might not believe this but I swear it is true. BTW nice set of lungs on that Russian fellow. :)

Back in Primary School, that was Grades 1 - 7 in my state of Queensland, I was in four (4) choirs - The Junior Choir, The Senior Choir, The Hymn Singing Choir, and the Choral Speaking Choir. I was a Soprano :p

When puberty hit, my voice deepened but I kept the high notes until I was 32, and you can believe that with that choral background, I had never made the acquaintance of "pitch demons".

In early 1990 I was diagnosed with COSA - Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/Apnea, a health threatening issue associated with heavy snoring, and the recommended protocol at that time was surgery.

I had a 4-way surgery known as a UPP and SP - a uvulo-palato-pharyngoplasty and septoplasty, which took out the little fleshy bit at the back of your mouth which vibrates when you speak and sing, out with the tonsils, out with a portion of my soft palate on the roof of my mouth, and straightening of a deviated septum.

Within 3 years or so, my body had evolved to return to its snoring state, so waste of time, but I had lost, following the surgery, my ability to hit the high notes, I still miss that 30 years on.

I used to sing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and as a party joke Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights, including her dance movements.

I also used to sing the following, released as a single in 1981 from their 1980 album, by Canadian band Loverboy, Mike Reno on vocals.


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