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Rock Roxx


Spending too much time in this Forum?

Maybe this Eric Burdon and The Animals number is for you

When I think of Alice Cooper, I am reminded of his theatrical, high production concerts. That makes me think of Meat Loaf, who put on an amazing show. I've seen both, but I've seen Meat Loaf a number of times, pretty much every tour I could catch him on. I'd usually spring for VIP tickets, as I do with many acts.

Anyhow, here's some Meat Loaf:

We had a talent show last night and some of the kids did a vary good parody of judas priest. *This is one of them times i wish we did not have a no cameras policy*
A bit of Jon Anderson (Yes) - "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"

A hauntingly beautiful piece - I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, Brian.:oops:
It's always a good time for Paradise By The Dashboard Light

and next time I post I'll tell you a story about this one and throw in a bit of Trivia.

Safe travels

Well, sorry to spoil the party, but yours truly is a reggae/jazz/blues nut. Rock'n'roll has NEVER really done it for me, though I will confess to being a Floyd fan back in the day. Starting off with "Dark Side of the Moon", of course (what else?)

Here's a selection of stuff I like...

.....and summat for the rockers!

(Oh, an' I gotta confess to having a soft spot for Dury & the Blockheads...)

That's enough to be going on with. For NOW.....

Mike. :p
... and then there are listeners who can't be pigeonholed so easily, like me.

I enjoy music very much. I listen to rock, jazz, classical, country, folk, and all those subcategories and crossovers and stuff-that-can't-be-categorized. I grew up in a house that was always filled with music and my life is not much different. I prefer to work with background music where available.

(I admit, I struggle to appreciate what I might call "rhythmic poetry" (my term) without that melodic component, such as rap and hip-hop. I try to appreciate it more. Some songs are a blend of melodic and non-melodic sections and I seem to like them better.)
...and next time I post I'll tell you a story about this one and throw in a bit of Trivia.

Trivia question - What do the following people have in common?

Liv Tyler, Ellen Foley, Todd Rundgren
Liv Tyler was in the film Armageddon, with this beautiful song by Aerosmith


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