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So what's the connection?

The answer is Meatloaf.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you got that one.

I'll put together a photo or two and come back with the details.

Liv Tyler, as well as appearing in Armageddon, played Arwen Undómiel, daughter of Elrond, in The Lord of The Rings trilogy of films.


and more recently she was in Rob Lowe's 911 - Lone Star series


Liv nowadays goes by the name

Liv Tyler Rundgren.

Her biological father is Aerosmith's Steve Tyler, but the man she knew as her father until her teens was Todd Rundgren. Her mother had an affair with Tyler which resulted in the pregnancy, but when registering the birth, Tyler was having drug problems, so she wrote down Rundgren as the father. It was only when Liv met one of Tyler's other daughters and noted the resemblance they shared that she asked her mother and learnt the truth.

Rundgren, in turn, as well as having a good solo career, played the wonderful motorcycle guitar in the title song Bat Out Of Hell, on the Meatloaf album.
And Ellen Foley?

As well as being a successful award-winning solo artist, she featured in that incredible duet with Meatloaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

BUT (and you know what they say about Wizard's butt), she also played the role of Public Defender Billie Young in the TV series Night Court (a spot later taken over by Markie Post, I think)


... something that might be of interest to @darry1966 , as he is a fan of Night Court.

So there you have it.


Santana - "Stone Flower" from the 1972 album Caravanserai

"Fields of Gold" was written and performed by Sting.

but the first time I heard it was the cover by Eva Cassidy

Both beautiful, IMO
A lot of us oldies will remember Julie Covington's beautiful effort with the song "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" i the Rock Opera Evita, but I was unaware until today that Karen Carpenter had recorded it.

Here is Karen's version.


Anybody would think you were an Amy Grant fan, Daz :)
Anybody would think you were an Amy Grant fan, Daz :)

I don't know any of her music but I recall the hubbub in the 80s when she switched from Christian to rock music. I did not listen to any of the tracks, so haven't gotta clue what they're about.
Not rock, but I just came across this one, I remember it being played often on the wireless back in the 50's
Vale Rolf Harris. RIP. I'll tie the 'roo down for you mate.

1930 - 2023

my favourite
RIP Tina Turner

Turner divorced Ike in 1978 citing years of physical violence and infidelity.

From a difficult childhood and an abusive marriage, Turner would rise like a phoenix, finding success as a solo performer in the early 1980s with the help of Australian Roger Davies who became her business manager.
I was never a huge fan but I took a lady friend to a Tina Turner concert. I don't recall the exact year, but it was right around the time when her Private Dancer song was on the charts.

I had a legitimately good time. While I'm not a huge fan of the genre, I can appreciate her skill and dedication to her craft. She had skill in spades, enough for a dozen people. The quality of the live production would happen when one is truly dedicated to their labor. It was quite polished and very heavily choreographed.

It was a very energetic show, though she would have been well into 'middle age' at that point. (Judging roughly by the math in my head, she'd have been in her 40s, I think. Roughly speaking, at least.)

She shared the billing with another artist. I know I liked the other artist better on the radio, but wasn't as fond of their live show as I should have been. I want to say it was David Bowie, but don't quote me on that. I can't imagine not liking a Bowie concert but the live production was just a middling affair.

I think I may be mashing two separate events together in my head.

It was many years, and many beers, ago. It's also pretty early in the morning. I've got appointments and obligations today.

Anyhow... I guess my point is, if this sort of thing could have a point, that Tina Turner was a pretty great artist. While I'm not a fan of her music, that just means I'm not a fan of her music. Her stardom and popularity speak volumes and her undeniable skill negates the value of my opinion. Her ability to stay relevant for all those years is a rare accomplishment.

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