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Crikey, I'd better find some work to do on the 'puter that will allow me to listen :)

Should I be the one to tell you you have already Posted "A Salty Dog"? Or is it a different version?

2 x salty dog are better than one......means it will play twice....just to remind you how good it is......the tune will stick in your mind the meantime...

Stumbled across this video by accident it has to be my favorite version now.

I'm not a big Beatles fan - but this is a different story and song.
The kid was orphaned with his brother from IRAQ / then adopted by a lady from Australia has got to be the best version ever.

I grabbed the long full version - listen to his story, gives the song a totally different message.
* * * Disclaimer * * * if you have any heart at all you will cry, it's guaranteed.

You made ME tear up, Fishy, yer bugger.

Elaine and I remember Emmanuel. It was the 2011 Australian X Factor, and judges Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaite, Guy Sebastian (who beat Shannon Noll to win Australian Idol) and Mel B (Spice Girls) were visibly moved.

Emmanuel has performed at venues around the world with up to 100,000 audience, possibly with the help of Chris Martin of Coldplay, who has become his Mentor.

Speaking of Coldplay, here's Paradise, performed in Sao Paulo Brasil last year


Macabre thought (Wiz back from the ashes of bushfires) but I keep having the phrases (ashes to ashes) popping into my head.

So here's David Bowie with a classic. And yes, it is about drugs, but that too is an issue of importance in my family.

Then for a bit of rock and roll, more Masters Apprentices



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