Router only supports IPv6 port forward but users need IPv4


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Apr 8, 2019
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Hello there,
I currently have a TCP-Server on my local machine. I got an IPv4 and an IPv6 address on this Machine. But my Router only supports IPv6 Port forwarding. I tried that but 99% of the users couldnt connect because they only got IPv4 and the Server is IPv6. I tried "serveo" and "ngrok" but both of them couldnt give me the right port, because i need a specific Port.Ngrok just gives you a random one and on Serveo the port i want is already used. I heard of 4to6/6to4/4in6/6in4 tunnels but i dont know how to get them to work. So i need your help with this problem.

OS: Windows 10 / Ubuntu (isnt important i can switch OS, but preferably win10)

I hope you can help me!

EDIT: If its possible: for free

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