RPI Zero W alternative supporting WiFi virtual interfaces

gattu marrudu

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Aug 1, 2022
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Hi there.

I integrated a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a device I designed. Now I would like the Pi to work as a WiFi hotspot as well as a regular Wifi node.

After some reading, I realized that the BCM5212 chip does not support virtual interfaces, which is what I need to enable dual mode. So I have been looking for alternatives to the Pi Zero that have the same form factor (my design is tight and battery powered, and won't fit a full sized RPI 3 or 4).

I have been looking at other chipsets, such as the AP6212 mounted on the Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero or the RDA5991 on the Orange Pi i96, but I am not sure which specs I should be looking at.

I know that the output of "iw" should show "#{ AP } <= 2" (my RPI Zero W has "<= 1" i.e. no virtual interfaces), but which keywords shall I look for when looking at the specs on paper?

Thanks in advance.
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