Running Linux on an Win 10 MSI gaming laptop


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Aug 21, 2018
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I rarely use Windows in the last 10 years, but I needed a new laptop and the options were limited. I found one i liked, decent specs
Win Home 10 64 bit (would prefer Pro w/ rem desktop)
T8750 I7 8th gen 6 core
256GB SSD M.2/NVME slot
1050Ti 4GB DDR5
15.6" IPS 1920x1080,
backlight keyboard
2yr COMPLETE warranty w/ purchase on credit card
& Lots more all for under $800 shipped) - so I thought that seemed good, especially after spec'ing out a Dell, Lenovo or HP and seeing the price. Normal price for the unit was $1300 + shipping, it was a shell shocker deal. I'm wondering if it is truly BRAND new though - it looks like it is.
So I found that each hard drive has like 3 or 4 partitions. The SSD has the OS, a 300MB EFI (or UEFI sector) and another 5-10GB sector at the end. The 1TB HD has a 2+GB sector at the beginning and a 40+GB sector at the end which I think is labeled "recovery disk" or something.

I'd like to install something like Kubuntu (open to other suggestions, Arch maybe, I'm used to Kubuntu & ubuntu on servers). Problem is no optical drive (I hate that trend). I guess I have to make a bootable USB and put some ISO's on it, but I've seen about 10-20 programs that do this and it seems that some systems are picky with them, maybe only reading the first ISO when they should be selectable.

I like Windows for some things, native apps, so I run VM workstation or player and run a Windows OS. I DON'T game (so IDK if this system is the wrong choice for a non-gamer, I didnt see non-gaming machines for less $ with same specs though, odd). Can I install Win 10 into a VM that is installed on Linux? Should I image my laptop's Win 10 partition/system and then transfer than to a VM? I think there is a converter that will convert any computer into a virtual machine, which might be an option, IDK if it works with Windows 10. It came with NO discs or software, so I have to be careful.

Can anyone give me any suggestions? If I could go back to Win 7/8 days I'd have to problems doing this, but w/o optical as well as lack of ISO's to install Win 10 (F U MS!!) I'm just lost as what to do with this setup to get it going. So frustrated and I want to get it running before the 30 day window closes for returns.

I'd like ot know if anyone has used Linux on one of these systems and if they had any problems

I recently purchased an MSI Modern 15. It is fantastic.