Running Ubuntu in high resolution with a KVM switch.



I love Ubuntu. The one thing I don't love about Ubuntu is that no matter what you set the screen resolution to with KVM switch you can only get 800x600. I have searched over and over again, but no one seems to have a resolution.

Does anyone here have an idea?

We have a couple boxes set up to a kvm at the office.. I believe the cent box is running X. Let me check to see what resolution its set to.

I'll also set up ubuntu on an extra one and see what we can set the res to.
I've experienced this exact same problem myself, very frustrating when used to running on considerably higher resolutions, hopefully i can find some sort of workaround.
Wow! An old question with no suitable answer. I will take a try.

This link contains a small paragraph about using command parameters to exceed 1680 x 1050 resolution. I would suggest reading some documentation on the parameters that control the resolution (like "-vga").

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