Samba Subdirectory Permissions issue on Mounted Volume


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0. Running Ubuntu 19
1. I have a Samba share configured for '/usr/share/ which I can access remotely just fine, as well as any directories and subdirectories created therein.
2. If I mount my USB drive manually through the command line to '/usr/share/media', I can access it via the Samba share.
a. E.G. smb://myservername/share/media
3. Not wanting to manually mount the drive after every reboot I added the USB drive to my fstab
a. /dev/sda2 /usr/share/media exfat defaults 0 0
b. After rebooting, the volume is mounted and accessible via the CLI, even by non-root users. E.G. no sudo required
4. When I connect to my share I can still see the original directories I could in step #1, as well as my mounted USB drive 'Media'
a. What I can't do is access the 'Media' directory via Samba. I receive 'Access Denied'


5. Thinking it was a permissions issue, I did a chmod 777 against the 'media' mount point and restarted Samba, but that didn't help


Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, but what is the difference between mounting the volume from the command line vs. through fstab that would make the directory inaccessible via Samba? Is there anything else it might be? Why can't I access the 'Media' directory via Samba?


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G'day @aLTeReGo and welcome to :)

Not a SAMBA user, but question

/dev/sda2 /usr/share/media exfat defaults 0 0
When is a USB drive /dev/sda2 ?

If that is an error, then also better to use UUID for identification in fstab, as it does not change for the life of the device/partition, whereas /dev/sdxy can,


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Well... you can mount a drive partition. (USB or other)
I sometimes mount /dev/sdc1 or sdc2.

Samba uses different ACLs. "Root" really has no meaning in Samba.
Active directory roles and permissions are what determines access.
You can access the directories under Linux based on chown and chmod permissions.
But these things mean nothing under active directory/Samba

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