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Samba to present directories with different rights to different users



Dear experts,

I run a Suse server which holds on the one hand multimedia content and on the other hand documents. The multimedia directory shall be accessible read only by "anybody" (not only computers but also any network capable players). I have solved that by the entries in the smb.conf:
comment = All users
guest ok = Yes
inherit acls = Yes
path = /public/archive
read only = Yes
veto files = /aquota.user/groups/shares/

The documents directory shall be read/write accessible to only certain users without really having to log in, prompting for a password would be OK. Ideally this directory shall not be visible to "all others" or at least shall not be browsable. The more I read about Samba the more confused I get.

Can somebody assist here please ?


is there really nobody out there who can help me here ? (I would settle for a login/password prompt too)