screen vs tmux vs byobu vs ?



Which do you use? Why?

I've always used screen and don't really see a reason to learn something new like tmux or byobu..



TBH, in all my years of Linux usage, I've never used any of them! :/
What are they used for? From what I can see they appear to be used for controlling multiple terminal sessions... Is that correct?

I tend to use dwm as my main desktop environment nowadays (tiling window manager). So if I start multiple terminal sessions, each terminal session appears in a different pane on the screen (in tiled mode) and I can use simple key-binds to switch between sessions. If I want to view the current session in full-screen I can switch to monocle mode with another key combo.

I also switched to using Terminator as my terminal of choice a few years ago, so I can also create additional terminal sessions in horizontal or vertical splits in the main terminator window. Again, navigation between the sessions is done with simple key-binds.


I've used Tmux and Screen a few times a piece. Screen gets more complicated as the program you run needs more terminals. Tmux seems easier.

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