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Hi folks (and happy new year),

I'm based in UK and a total newbie, both on here and to Linux, but I'm keen to buy or build a (relatively) cheap Linux machine to act as a secure machine for financial stuff (banking, shares, crypto etc). At the same time I'd like to set up a new email address with a very secure service provider (I was recently pwn'd.....).

I'm considering a barebones build using an older nuc (probably an 8th gen i3), or possibly trying to resurrect an old Asus UX32 laptop with a new ssd (I'm much less keen on starting out with this option).

Alternatively, I might be interested in buying a machine with linux pre-installed (although I'm sceptical about this for security reasons, particularly the cheaper machines). I did see that Simplynuc UK will supply machines with Linux preinstalled, although they seem relatively expensive compared to buying the components.

Edit: I saw that some suppliers will flash Lenovo X series laptops to coreboot/libreboot, which might be an option if I can source a refurbed machine.

I'd be really grateful for any guidance.

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