Security Concerns when Dual Booting: w/Windows but w/o AV suite



Hi All!
I've finally been having good luck getting Ubuntu LTS installed on a couple older laptops, like an Acer (64-bit AMD w7) and a Tosh (32-bit Vista); the problems with wifi & printers just vanished! Great Live DVD!

My goal is to finally end my dependency on Windows software, but unfortunately I have a couple pricey programs (for screenwritering & flatbed OCR) that aren't available in a Linux version. You've heard it all before, I'm sure.

My plan is to use Linux whenever online, (so I can ditch the also-pricey annual multi-machine subscription to Norton) and only use any Windows software when offline.

My QUESTION is after thinking about this a while, I started to wonder how secure this would be, as I don't fully understand all the ways malware makes it's way into a machine.

After all, both OSs & their apps are now residing on the same C: drive that used to hold only windows. A renamed partitioning seems kinda fragile protection to me... or am I just being paranoid?

Could wiser heads advise me on whether it would be good to somehow adjust the Linux firewall or whatever would cover an inactive C: drive when online?



You use EITHER Linux OR Windows. You don't use Linux AND Windows together. You will be alright going online with Linux - it cannot infect the Windows side.

There is some thought that if you install Wine in Linux to support some Windows apps, it may also support some Windows Malware - in Linux. For the paranoid, don't install Wine...

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