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I am needing to find a cost effective security endpoint software. Currently we are using BitDefender, but it gets expensive, and some servers we cant run it on.
Here is what we need to be able to run it on:
Ubuntu 16-20 (working on getting the 16's updated)
Amazon Linux 2
and also Windows 2012-2019 (working on getting the 2012 updated\retired)

Functions we need:
Remote deployment (like Gravity Zone)
Must be a light weight install, we have some servers under HEAVY loads and need to avoid slowdowns due to bloatware
Must be able to select folders to exclude. We have database and machine learning (among others) servers that have enough data in and out that it just trips every security software we have tried and blocks everything as they think they are under attack.
Keep the costs down.

What would you all use here?

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