Setting up a PPTP VPN on Debian



So I've been trying to set up a VPN on my server for a while now and every time I try to connect to it, it doesn't work. I've tried countless tutorials but can't seem to get it to work. I do exactly what the tutorials say (using my own IP addresses and such) but still get nothing. Anyone know of a good tutorial or does anyone have a better way of explaining?? Thanks.

It would be more helpful if you state what commands you're executing.

I've not used PPTP, but I know one thing that often stymies getting a VPN setup is the failure to open up the firewall ports. This command will open up all inbound ports on Linux (until reset or rebooted). It's good for a test. It has to be executed as root or with sudo.
iptables -F INPUT
Also, is there one or more separate routers between the two computers? They'll each have to be configured. It probably has a network interface that allows you to setup "port forwarding" to direct incoming traffic on a particular port to a particular IP address.
I followed the tutorial on howtogeek and did all the steps minus the windows part. I tried connecting to it on my linux laptop but no dice. I did this on a basically clean install of Debian and basically install only the stuff I needed for that tutorial. There is only one router.

Would you recommend I try a different try of VPN? All I need it to do is SSH and FTP, but I would also like to able to connect to my own network.

Thanks for the reply!

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