Setting up new characters on a keyboard


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I have a Spanish keyboard that misses the characters "<" and ">". Even with AltGr, I am getting characters like "«" and "»", but the character for "greater" and "minor" are actually missing.

The keyboard is a Cybertel CVB K107, but on the Web, I find other descriptions with the same model name and even the packaging it came with shows another photo where actually keys for "greater" and "minor" can be seen.

As I like this keyboard for its small size and the characters for foreign languages like ç and â, I only would like to have a simple key combination like CTRL-2 or so which would print "<", e.g.

I found a plethora of all sorts of info about xfce and keyboards, but unfortunately nothing about how to simply set up a new character with the ALT or CTRL key or any other keys suitable for that.

Add the moment, I help myself with the program xvkbd, where I select the ">" key with the mouse. But that's cumbersome for command line editing.


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Yeah -- I have looked into ASCII characters for Linux in the past without much luck, too. Anyone?

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