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Eddie Paul Litz

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Apr 30, 2018
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How do I show the Hidden Wine Files? Such as the hidden "popcapgame1.exe" for Popcap Games.

Wine is installed into a hidden folder in your own home folder.... so it has a "." (dot) prefix and is named ".wine"

You can see this folder (and others) by going into your home folder with your file manager and using CTRL-H to show hidden files/folders. Once you go inside the ".wine" folder, you'll find a "drive_c" folder, and inside that will be "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)". Your game files should be found in one of those.

Use CTRL-H to hide them from view again.
For example, I had Chuzzle Deluxe Windows Program running & I opened the Wine Task Manager & it showed the file popcapgame1.exe running & was wanting to view that file in C://program files (x86)/Popcap/Chuzzle Deluxe and I couldn't get to view it because it was still hidden while Hidden Files was being viewed. How do I fix that?
How do I fix that?
I don't understand your question... what is broken? You aren't meant to "view" .exe files, and even especially so when they are running. I have no experience with your Windows games, so I don't know if I can help you beyond what I told you. You will find your Wine files in your home/.wine/ folder as I described.

C://program files (x86)/Popcap/Chuzzle Deluxe is telling you that it is located in /home/your_username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Popcap/Chuzzle Deluxe folder.

I'm not familiar with a "Wine Task Manager".... but perhaps you need to use CTRL-H in there. The CTRL-H key combo is fairly common across many programs and distros to "show hidden files".
Are you looking for a crack, Eddie?

No, just wanting to view a file.
Well, maybe we have some confusion about what it means to "view" an executable file (.exe). With a text file, when you "view" it... you "open it and examine the contents." In Linux, a text file can be executable, such as a shell script file. But a binary executable, such as a Windows .exe file, would just look like many pages of gibberish in a text editor. However, the .exe file can be viewed with a special editor that's made for this, often called a "hex editor." These binary files can be modified, but you are more likely to break them so that they don't run at all, or give errors if they do run. Some programs may be "cracked" in this way, and maybe that's what Wizard was thinking.

You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you don't mean that above. I think that by "view" the file.... you are really talking about "opening the containing folder and examining the contents"... OF THE FOLDER. This means that you would "see" (view) the .exe file listed inside there, probably with other files as well. Does this make sense?

But let me be clear... to the best of my knowledge, nothing in Wine is hidden except for the .wine folder itself. The .exe file you are looking for is almost certainly not "hidden".... at least not in the Linux sense (with the filename starting with a . character). If your Windows game is running properly in Wine, and nothing is broken, then there is no reason for you to need or want to see that it is inside it's proper folder.... it must be, or the program wouldn't work.

And if I'm off base, then we can start over and you can try to tell us what it is that you want to achieve.


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