Sick of Microsoft!!!


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Does that mean the folk there will offer support for their product ?....and what the hell is /e/ ??


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Very good. Idealistic. Sounds good.

Interesting to see they support DUCKDUCKGO

Remains to be seen if they live up to their hype.


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Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel
I have been playing [on and off] with the ported version of androidx86 for desktops/laptops, since almost its beginnings, it is getting better but is still not compatible with a lot of hardware

addendum..I am also a duckduckgo user

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Hi, Sherri. I'm sort of late to the party here, but during my working life I was heavily invested in AutoCAD. Matter of fact I still dabble some with drawings since I teach at an industry trade school. When I switched to Linux I had the same delima. I did a little searching and found LibreCAD. It is almost identical to AutoCAD. It will open, and save .dwg files. It will modify said files, and it will create .dwg files.

The only drawback I have found with LibreCAD is it opens some of my old panel drawings and shrinks them down to almost microscopic. Not a big deal, I just enlarge and resave when it happens.

Good Luck to you, and Welcome to the party!


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Hey this is Sherri.
G'day Sherri and welcome aboard.
I think quite a few of us have had that problem about wondering will you be able to adapt to some thing completely different to Vindows which is the scary part but once you take the plunge it takes on an entirely different light. Then you beginning thinking to yourself now that was bloody easy now wasn't it.
How much am I going to be relying on the command line?
That I found depends on you yourself, I only use it when I have to otherwise it by just using the GUI just as you do in windows. There are some tasks though more so when maintaining your system that the CLI is better.

Don't worry you will be come adept at Linux no sweat.
With respect I ask this as I am curious old cat but what do you draw on Autocad?

I agree with @Condobloke about Duck Duck Go which I use personally on the Brave web browser.
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