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Jun 14, 2019
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Mr V "
Tue Apr 6 19:54:52 UTC 2021
Thanks to nobodino and ponce for help fixing a few sources that wouldn't
build properly. Overnight I tested recompiling everything using gcc-10.3.0-RC
and had no build failures, so we'll be taking gcc-10.3.0 once it (and new
kernels) arrive probably sometime next week. And then I think we'll be calling
this a beta. Cheers! :)


The answer is still no. I'll have to play with it when the beta is out - if I have time.

Who am I kidding? I'll make time. Thanks for the update.
Mr V
Mon Apr 12 20:07:12 UTC 2021
I'm going to go ahead and call this a beta even though there's still no fix
for the illegal instruction issue with 32-bit mariadb. But there should be
soon (thanks ponce!) No build regressions noted with the official gcc-10.3
release. Please report any new (or old) issues on the LQ Slackware forum.
Enjoy! :)

kernel is 5.10.29
Nice. I will poke at it after dinner. I wasn't planning on sipping wine tonight, but it looks like I'll be sipping some wine and poking at Slackware in a VM tonight. Well, maybe tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit meh today.
My wines run out so i won't be sipping any Pinotage tonight. I'm still running slackware current 5.4.12 since i can't afford any glitches with a full system upgrade with my one & only laptop while sub sahara . We have some ex-school work station type units. Gave one away to a young lad yesterday. The only OS i could get to run on it was 32 bit Lubuntu . Should be interesting to see if he sticks with it or puts Windows back on.
The Lubuntu bits will stop updating in just a few days. The underlying Ubuntu bits should still update. It's not something I'd recommend, but it's better than nothing. Having been in that region, I can see how older computers would still have value.

I'll be doing my Slacking in a VM. If there's one thing I have, it's gobs of computer resources. So, I can spin up a VM and play until my heart's content. I haven't run Slackware in a bit. I'll have to fumble my way through the install process, but it should come back to me.
IN Ghana they mostly learn about computers in theory and not having any computers for practice. So a working Lubuntu is basically just for starters.Let me know how you get on with Slackware Beta
I had the best of intentions, but I never made time for it. I've gotta move my L-T stuff to a new domain, 'cause I'm convinced Google hates the .gq extension.
Downloading now. I might get time to spin it up today.
if you do get it going you will find TimeShift is not available but from a shell try:
$ su ->password->#

# rsnapshot --help 
//yes snapshot is avaialble

# mkisofs --help

//yes thats available for backup too
I'd not be using TimeShift on a beta OS. I'd be VMing it and not using it on a desktop. If it breaks, I'll just report the breakage.
I took a quick look at the Slackware installation, it looks similar to the FreeBSD installation and Debian tui installation. I'm glad the project is still going but I'm not bothered to try it since I'm happy with two favorite distributions.
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well i'm already covering all bases by looking at other Distro's . Really for me i don't need rolling release cutting edge so i think Arch might be off my list. I did note though that recent iso install have a "guided install prompt" of some sort . Being realistic FreeBSD is also off my list. Since i've used Ubuntu in the past i think if any goes down with Slackware i will be using Debian. I've got the Debian Buster (no 10) iso with none free on a usb with persistence working and am playing with it eg i have aptitude installed and reading up on commands ; I now have a rough idea of how package priorities work etc, so no major learning curve
I'd not be using TimeShift on a beta OS. I'd be VMing it and not using it on a desktop. If it breaks, I'll just report the breakage.
Yeah i wasn't thinking from that angle ; the angle being you have TimeShift in Debian /Mint so i thought you might be thinking how the hell do you back anything up with slackware ?
Since you can find your way around Slackware you will have no trouble with Debian or Ubuntu. If I were you I would go for Debian if you are looking for an alternative since it seems Slackware is more of a stable distribution because of staying long on the same release and Debian is focused on being a stable distribution as well.
yes thats what i'm already thinking as mentioned i have Debian 10 buster live working on a usb with persistence (ventoy) , have aptitude installed and generally playing. Also i quite like the fact that its community driven but that they also have a pragmatic attitude to none free elements such as wifi

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