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Oct 25, 2021
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I have a variable speed (modem) network connection that gets used to upload big files every now and again to a particular ip address.
When the device is in a bad reception area and a large file upload is started any of the other traffic get 'drowned'.
This last bit is a guess, because i'm not seeing any 'calling home' pings make it back during the upload.

Is there a way to let the upload of the file yield to any other traffic ?

if tc is the way, can you tell me which of the many options of qdisc i should look at further ?

What's happening is (I think) the upload is saturating the connection. The only solution I've found for this was to use 'wondershaper' to slow down the upload speed a bit so that I could still at least browse while uploading.
Thank you for that suggestion.

it looks like wondershaper uses tc underneath but is only limited to fixed bandwidth limits.
I have a variable speed network connection, so i can't pretend to know what the total is at any time. If a faster connection is available I would like to use it and not artificially slow it down.

if a 'yield' option is not available then being able to reserver 100kb for 'the rest' might do it as well.
You can change the command you run to suit various connection speeds. I'd leave 'em in your bash history and just reuse them. It doesn't have to be a static thing, you can run the command with different variables.

If that doesn't do it for you, I've yet to find anything else out there - and I did quite a bit of searching back when I needed it.
Thank you for thinking along.
I guess i'd need a regular check of bandwidth to determine which of the scripts to use. (it is an unattended unit driving around)

yes i did quite a bit of searching around as well and found wondershaper before, just thought this would be a scenario that other people would have had and solved in linux. I'll keep looking.
Good luck searching. If you find something better, let me know. I don't need it now, but I may need it again, when I switch ISPs again.

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