Smallest footprint mail server?



For my web site, I use a VPS and run a LAMP system on Debian. I find that it runs very well but that the I don't have a lot of available memory (only 256 Mb + burst). I have managed to optimize Apache and MySQL for the memory space, but Postfix still takes a fair amount of memory with all its processes. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a small footprint mail server with PHP support that I could use to replace Postfix? I have looked in the past and not seen anything but it is always worth asking as new software comes out.



My friend. The best solution it is to improve your hardware specs. Postfix it is one of the best mail program maybe hard to work in the begining but very stable. With a lot of respect to you and many others, I've seen many members who runs linux in older machines and want to make miracles. If you want performance you have to give to your OS the hardware. It is a reality that our many distros runs on machines that windows cant , but please be consider . The best engine worth nothing on an older chasis. Best regards. By the way , I will put a thread asking this. Pls check
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