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smart dumbphones. Firefox OS is back as KaiOS

May 12, 2022
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Like many of you, I've had enough of Apple's I-Phones and androids that feel worse with every version, therefore I was considering viewing other phone OS options.
I am also aware of the uses of dumb phones. Low battery usage and they are the choice for people in remote areas with weak cellphone coverage.
I also watch the Pine Phone slowly taking steps forward, and some people made it to flashing linux on android phones.
I also see the "light phone 2" that I don't know what OS it runs and it does not meet my needs.

And there's the Kai-OS. The OS itself has a github page and it's defined by being light weight. Up to this point we have a new generation of phones, the people who buy it probably don't think much about it.

Then I saw this guy's work. I really appreciate it. I haven't yet had the opportunity to read his documentation and test the mods, (DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.) however I see great work and dedication. (any one familiar with the OS and device are welcome to post his experience) (to be continued or edited.)
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