SMC8040 pcmcia card driver


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Sep 20, 2022
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hey all - I want to install the driver for SMC8040 pc card. it says in the readme file:

The source version
is available at <> in the "/pub/pcmcia" directory, as

I think the link is gone now - any suggestions where to go from here? :)

Most likely you do not need the drivers since it is likely already in the kernel - plug it in and run
to check it

New PCMCIA IDs may be added to a device driver pcmcia_device_id table at runtime as shown below:

echo "match_flags manf_id card_id func_id function device_no \
prod_id_hash[0] prod_id_hash[1] prod_id_hash[2] prod_id_hash[3]" > \
look here -
hey Lord Boltar - thanx for the advice. basically I hav a pentium 3 450mhz with 64MB ram- I'd like to put a CLI only version of linux on it - so it needs to run with 64megs of ram and with a pcmcia card. you're right I tired lots of different versions and Damn Small Linux and Tiny core plus linux both worked with the network card. but DSL and Tiny core I find are missing stuff like gdb and other stuff. if anyone cud suggest a CLI linux version that might work. I tried:
vector linux light, ubuntu, slitaz and some others - thanks! ;)
I hav a pentium 3 450mhz with 64MB ram-
That is a very small amount of ram, most 32bit Linux need around 250/500 mb minimum you may be able to get one of the versions of puppy to run, but it won't be fast.

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