SNMPv3 Security and Observium


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Mar 16, 2021
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Hello all,
as some of you know I am still quite new to Linux, so please feel free to break things down for someone who is not proficient.

I am in a AWS EC2 server environment, we have a couple of ALinux servers, a bunch of AL2, Ubuntu, some CentOS7, one Debioan and a bunch of Windows servers. ALL Linux server instances are Command Line ONLY. (not sure if that matters or not)

I am trying to setup Observium for resource monitoring, but it needs SNMP to communicate. Security with SNMP is a concern, and in my research I saw a lot of conflicting information. As for the Windows part, once I have linux figured i will figure out windows from there, i foresee that being easier.

So I guess here is what I need to know:

1) What exactly should I be configuring, as I see tons of stuff listed, this isnt Fort Knox but at the same time i dont need an open door, what are the best practices from people who actually do this stuff?

2) Will this be different based on Linux Distro?

3) Are there router config requirements for this? If that sounds stupid I apologize but I received tons of writeups and vids when googling setting up SNMP sending you straight Cisco router configs to use SNMP, so I am not sure, if that is also necessary. If it is can we go over that too?

I know this is a big ask, but I have found very few concrete answers, lots of theory and a bunch of instructions where i need to have a large and thorough understanding of linux.
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