Snort even though working properly does not report majority of rules



I have installed Snort and it does not detect majority of attacks, such as nmap port scans, downloading exe files, opening documents containing keyword "root".

I use Snort together with Pulled Pork and Barnyard2. Everything seems to function and I can see alerts on the website that is powered by BASE.

The problem is that I can only trigger 3 different alerts. Everything else is simply not detected. I want obviously to be able to get alerts when someone performs port scanning, trying to attempt to perform DDOS attack and so on. This I cannot trigger. Do I have to enable something somewhere?...

I have made my own local.rules file, which contains a single rule - monitoring of ICMP echo packets.

Pulled Pork does show that it has downloaded over 20000 rules and over 5000 rules are enabled. This can be seen in snort.rules file, which I included in snort.conf file.

The 3 alerts I am able to trigger are:

  • stream5: TCP Small Segment Threshold Exceeded (this is due to my old Win SCP client)
  • ssh: Protocol mismatch (this is due to my old Putty client)
  • ICMP test (my own rule from local.rules)
My snort.conf can be found on the following website (had to move it there, because i reached max chars list):

My pulledpork.conf can be found on the following website:

My local.rules looks like this (which does work):

alert icmp any any -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"ICMP test"; sid:10000001; rev:001;)

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