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Jun 24, 2023
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Evening all. Would there be any particular reason my software manager now takes 15 or so seconds to load. It would normally load in a second or two. Many thanks.
ps, i know 15 secs is not a long time but my whole pc boots in 12 secs.

Evening Noel.

That's a bit like asking how long is a piece of string?

Spill your guts, don't be shy and tell us what has been happening recently?

eg you have run updates and now it is slower, added/removed software, and so on.

Do you have Timeshift set up and a snapshot available from the time prior to the changes?

What version of Mint?


G'day Noel, next time you open software manager, click on the hamburger menu thingie up the top and then click on "refresh the List of Packages" ....see if that gives it a quicker lease of life.

I found on mine that currently it takes arond 5 - 6 seconds to open....although I have noticed on prior occasions it has taken its own sweet time.

Are all your updates...up to date ?
Hmm... I'll add this question to the mix:

Have you added repositories to the list, especially just prior to this change?
Thanks for the responses all. It all started when i changed the HDD to a SSD on the good old iMac. I cloned the old onto the new and it started from there. Loading was a couple,3 or 4 secs prior to this. It is the latest version of Mint Cinnamon. 21.2 All updates are done. No repositories added. Did as you recommended Condobloke, no change. It is not anything to bother me. Just thought i would ask. I do have to stimulate this 68 yo mind. Thanks again all.
On occasion, when I have gone looking for somehtiong or other in Software Manager, I have clicked on acessories or internet etc....down at the bottom of the window, and it has responded by saying ' there may be a problem please wait while the "thing" is reloaded....something similar to that....
Since that has happened a couple of times the loading is much quicker

I clicked on office ........and the message below popped up

You could also have a look in Update Manager, Preferences, Notifications.

It may be advantageous to have " Only show notifications for security and kernel updates"....UNticked

That may allow any updates to software manager to come down the line.

I am not sure about that, but it will do no harm
A couple things come to mind.
first go to the terminal and type
sudo apt update
Look for error messages. Post them back here if you see any.
Second go to software sources (found in main menu under Administration) and see how fast the mirrors are that your using currently. you may need to change mirrors.
Make sure you have no broken mirrors.
I don't use the update manager, I use the terminal

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