[SOLVED] Cinnamon 4.0.10 - xkb flags missing


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Feb 25, 2019
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When I installed Arch with Cinnamon, I opened the xkb config window, added kb layouts (US and BG) and then clicked on the checkbox to display national flags for each of the layouts. But flags never showed up. As far as I know the location for these flas is the same for all DEs, so I downloaded PNG images, resized them (48x48 bc my panel is 50px), renamed them and put them in different locations I found on the web. So far I've put them in:
• ~/.icons
• ~/.local/share/icons
• /usr/share/pixmaps
but these icons still won't appear in the panel.
I even checked every text-like file of xkb for strings like 'icon', 'icons', 'bg', 'us' but found nothing. I was hoping to find the location xkb is looking into and maybe even change it.
After every attempt I was opening the xkb config window and removed the tick from the checkbox for using capital letters, thinking that maybe this setting is somehow preventing the flags to appear but nothing changed. I spent about 3 hours in attempts to get these flags to show up but I ran out of ideas, so now I'm asking you.

Who could guess setting up some flags would be harder than installing Arch itself...

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