[solved] picom blurs maim!

Cpt Chuckles

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Mar 17, 2020
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I just recently discovered maim, a more updated and better-looking replacement for scrot. The problem I'm having is that maim overlays my entire screen in order to do its thing, which gets caught by picom, my compositor, and I have background-blur enabled for transparent windows, so maim opening up blurs everything, making screenshots completely useless! So I guess this is mainly a picom question.

I'm trying to put some rules in my picom.conf like this, but these options haven't worked:
blur-background-exclude = [
  "window_type = 'dock'",
  "class_g ~= 'maim'",
  "class_i ~= 'maim'",
  "name ~= 'maim'",
  "window_type = 'desktop'",
  "[email protected]:c"
Normally I would run xprop to find out how to identify the window, but I haven't been able to successfully capture any of maim's properties due to the fact that while maim is open I'm unable to use my terminal to launch xprop...! I tried looking through maim's source code to see if i can identify where the name is, and it seems like it should just be named "maim" but that exclusion rule isn't working in picom.

anybody else use picom & maim together?

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