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Sound issues


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Feb 2, 2023
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I just installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a Lenovo T410 Thinkpad. Everything works great except sound. When using internal speakers, after a few moments, sound disappears. If I reboot or log user out and in again, sound comes back - again for just a few minutes until it disappears again. There are NO problems using headphone socket or bluetooth speakers - ONLY with the internal speakers on the laptop. I tried various suggested solutions - in particular I tried replacing pulseaudio with Pipewire as per the instructions here - https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2022/04/pipewire-replace-pulseaudio-ubuntu-2204/

No good - problem unchanged. I have tried, out of interest, booting from USB stick Kubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 22.04, and Fedora to see if any of these have a solution. Same problem with all of them.

I just discovered that running <sudo alsa force-reload> gets the sound back on again - although only temporarily as before

Does anyone have a solution for this? I am not technical and so you will have to explain in simple non-technical terms :)


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