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Nov 2, 2020
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Spamhaus has blacklisted a /24 of mine that has a few dozen different clients. I have asked them to show me proof of evidence of spam and explained there are several different long term clients on self managed VPS servers.

This is the response I get in return from Mike Anderson at Spamhaus after telling him that there's at least 20+ clients on one /24 subnet and SH has not provided anything for me to trace by:

Which user is using the IPs and and most of the ones in between? That's the spammer.

Anyone else think this is ridiculous? How is a host supposed to trace a spammer in this situation when there's at least 20+ customers all on virtual servers and none of them are even new signups?

Can you view logs that tell you who was sending the most mail? I can do that quite easily with things like WHM - but I'm dealing with shared hosting and nothing like your offerings.

You could also ask your clients to look around to see if maybe they've been compromised and are now being used as a mail relay. They claim that it's spread over a large number of IPs, is there any chance of compromise on the host server(s) and not on the VPSes themselves?

It'd have been nice of them to forward some of those emails to you so that you could see the headers.

I've never had to deal with being blacklisted - but I'm told it's a pain in the butt to get off the lists. In short, that sucks. It's also rather arbitrary. That sucks. I legit empathize.
This is why I dislike blacklists because it's a pain to get delisted because you either spend a lot of time trying to prove you are not sending spam or you have pay them. Which blacklist(s) is your range on?
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