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Mar 27, 2022
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Hello ;
im using my laptop with this specs. ( in the pic )
now im running ubuntu and it running very slow
im using ubuntu bcuz i like how it looks, fonts and all that stuff
but its really getting slower everyday and im looking for a derivative now so i need suggestion that will run smooth and it perfectly looking like ubuntu or better ..
Thanks in advance :)


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your machine is good enough to run any Linux, however if you use a lighter distribution it will be a little faster, Lubuntu, Peppermint, MXlinux, LinuxLite are just a possible selection,
I recommend giving Ubuntu Mate a try as you can make it look almost like Ubuntu.

Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu and runs great on my laptop.
It's been running well for a year with no problems.
I'll second Lubuntu. It's still Ubuntu, but with different default software and it tends to run well on older hardware - even though it no longer specifically focuses on low-end hardware. It also runs REALLY well on modern hardware.

Disclosure: I am biased. I am on the Lubuntu (and Ubuntu) developer's team.
As of late I have Peppermint (Devuan) installed on an old Asus Vivo book its been running well for the past few months. no issues (I must say same as well, I am biased...Peppermint dev team here) ;)

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