Stand 2ft from nearest building, place hands at shoulder height on wall, lean forward and bang head as hard as possible


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Apr 28, 2021
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Well, that's what I felt like this afternoon, whilst working away in my office, I downloaded/installed an update, and continued working away, time to check the mail and forums, and no damn connection, look at modem [two blue lights] its ok. spent a while checking all my settings, found nothing wrong, ah must be the update causing the problems, remove update and re-boot, That didn't work. Turned off desktop and went to the lounge, switched on lappy, and that would not connect either, So scrambled around to find the phone number of ISP, ring it and get a message, sorry we cannot take your call, due to the excessive number we are currently experiencing, We are aware of a service problem. so I wasted all my time doing the usual checks.

We often look for a complicated answer when it's really a simple fix.

There's a reason they ask you if you're sure the device is plugged in.
There's snow in my area and Gmail wasn't working for a little while.
My ISP always sends me a text if there down.

It would be nice @Brickwizard if your ISP paid you that same courtesy. Maybe request that they do that when they are up and running again. That way you won't waste your time and have another repeat of the same.
No reason to beat yourself up for being human.
I'd never be able to complete a list of the obvious I've overlooked.
Hey it just happens. ;)
That is exactly what you go on to call it. A courtesy. Sadly, with every passing day, that word has less and less meaning in this world. :(
Yeah, your right but to those of us that still practice courtesy, I believe there is a reward.
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Don't worry, I had my own 'banging head' situation this morning myself.

Without going into too many details, I've been building out a CI/CD Pipeline on Azure DevOps with an integration through to a popular cloud ITSM platform. One of the stages I needed to put together is responsible for doing rest calls to the platforms endpoint to automate certain tasks. I've been struggling getting the desired behaviour for the last 2 days, turns out all I was missing was encoding the credentials as part of the rest call in base64. 2 days of work, just to miss the encoding step, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.......
I always tell folks to wiggle the gas cap before replacing the engine. Came up with that when my check engine light came on in my car years ago and took it to the shop. They seated the gas cap correctly and the light went out... I often get irritated with help desk calls I have made and the first thing they often say have you rebooted the box. Although usually if I'm calling I have done all the easy things. But sometimes we are all too smart for our own good. Sometimes the scarring makes one a better trouble shooters.... :)
Not long ago we had no internet...landline or smartphone because our ISP decided to upgrade the network which was so old it crashed for 9 hours that I know of.

Do they care...hell no ...they didn't even give an explanation or any compensation apart from some free data
which costs them nothing. Of cause when this happens I do the usual checks and then I ring them but I couldn't as I had no bloody internet.

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