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downloading Fedora on iMac in Parallels and then updated to 32 Fedora stuck on the? terminal screen, MS-DOS screen. and that was as good an explanation as I can give you. What happened or how do I get past it?
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G'day Dale and welcome to :)

I am not a Mac user, but I'll ask a few questions and see if I can assist and we'll see if a Mac user swings by.

1. Did you burn the Fedora .iso to a USB stick or DVD? Burning involves using special software (if so, tell us which) that prepares the .iso for booting from, not just a case of copying it to a stick or disk.

2. Can you use your screenshot utility to take any pictures for us of what is happening? Likewise cut and paste text of any errors.

3. Are you looking to dualboot your Mac-OS with Fedora or use Fedora in a virtual environment?

and then updated to 32 Fedora stuck on the? terminal screen,
4. Did you get as far as installing Fedora and then try running updates, or else what does this mean?

You'll find some good reading by entering the following in Google or your search engine of choice:

install linux on mac


mac parallels install linux

Check the videos and articles that are fairly recent, 2018 - 2020, and see if any applies to you.

One of them (2016 I think) refers to Etcher as a burning solution, current address for that is

Balena bought them a couple of years ago. Etcher is cross-platform, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is very user-friendly.

I'll check back with you when I can and allow for timezone east coast Australia, have some Saturday shopping to do :)


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