Suddenly my Lubuntu-PC is booting into black screen


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Feb 5, 2019
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Turn of my PC and go to sleep
Then starting the PC this morning and after the BIOS-start-up, and going to boot into OS, the screen is black

Can't do a "CTRL+AL+F3"
What can I do now?? (The monitor and computer is ok (checked with "Live-USB" )

What distro are you using? Can you do Recovery/Repair mode at boot?
Thanks. Besides its Lubuntu Distro?? Its vers. 18.10
I can do the recovery mode, yes
What happens? - This happens
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But I do not which is the best idea to chose
Try "Repair Broken Packages" first to see if it fixes anything.

The try "Resume Normal Boot".
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I have to enable network because "dbkg" wanted to download .. something - and now i am promted to upgrade "GRUB" ??
Sadly i dont not how to do that - I got two option but it is in dansih (my language) - so I do not know I if you or others can figure out what to do by looking at the attached image
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i try to hit "Enter" but then i have a message that i did not chose to install any "GRUB" and that is not smart
But frankly I do not how to chose the Samsung drive and install it??
G'day @T-buch and welcome to :)

With the above screenshot, tapping your Space bar should select the line chosen, then Tab will take you to OK, and from there press Enter.


Chris Turner
God Morning (Here it morning)
Somehow in my efforts to find the "secret key combination" - the computer rebooted. Now when running dbkg - I dont get the option to Update the "GRUB-PC". So how do I get back to get this option again - I think it was essential (to do the "GRUB-PC" Upgrading) cause my computer still boots into black screen
The dialogbox I need was this (sorry its in danish)
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Translating; The Package will be upgraded. This menu allows you to chose which devices , if any - you want GRUB-INSTALL to automatically run for .....
Do you think my case now is inseparable or just too hard to understand ;)

It doesn't help us to post screenshots, in what for most people is a foreign language. (Swedish?) Please try to give us text. That way we can use translation programs - unless you give English.

Did you try what @wizardfromoz said? I run one distro. He runs many. He might be able to help you more than me. But be aware that Australia is in a much different time zone...
First of all: There must be no doubt that I am very grateful that you try to help me!!

I have already tried to translate:
Translating; The Package will be upgraded. This menu allows you to chose which devices , if any - you want GRUB-INSTALL to automatically run for .....

I can do what @wizardfromoz said, cause i do not have and can't get this dialogue box back any more (this is what I'm now asking for - how can I get that dialogboxs back, so I can do what @wizardfromoz said ;)
Sort skærm a20.jpg

Translating the dialog box:
Sets up grub-pc
GRUBs installation units
Good morning (from DownUnder) @T-buch :)

1. Do you (still) have a USB stick or DVD that you used to install Lubuntu in the first place?

If so, we can likely use it as a rescue device to reinstall your Grub and get you running.

2. If not, can you reproduce same from another computer?

3. How are you communicating with us currently?


This is a windows labtop I am writing on
Yes I do have the USB stick
I can also run Startx from Root in recovery mode
OK, that's good :)

The first thing I would suggest is to read the following article a couple of times

1. If you understand the steps you can follow those to try Boot Repair. It is written for Ubuntu but should work with Lubuntu (I don't have a Lubuntu on board or I would try it).

If your Windows laptop has access to a Printer, you could print it first, or else after you choose the option "Try Lubuntu without installing", establish your internet connection, launch Firefox and follow the instructions "Live".

2. If that does not work, we can use the same install stick to start a process called "chroot" which is a little complicated.

I will be in and out a bit during my day, so if Step 1 fails, and given it is after 1:00 AM if you are in Denmark, I would try you with Step 2 when you are fresh. Actually, same really applies with Step 1 - your choice.


Excellent I just got overnight guests from another part of the country (my old mother) - so I don't know when I get to look at it
Thankk you so far - I will return ;)
No worries Mate - make your Mama welcome :)

Then Mommy are gone back home again with love ... ;)

In the meantime, the computer has fixed itself - I can see in GRUB that it now has a version 15 and that must be the one it boots on by itself??

The only thing left is that when I check the version in Terminal (lsb_release -a) I only get to say that it is a 18.10 (not a 18.10.15)

Thanks for your kindly help
I must say - that the "black screen" happened after Linux/lubuntu auto update it self to a newer version Lubuntu 18.10 with Linux 4.18.0-14 (from Linux 4.18.0-13).
A error as big like that is too big for my taste - so if it happens again, I'd probably consider if Linux / lubuntu is an OS for me - hope you understand - I do I prioritize my time in other ways
But good with the timeshift function - it should have been build in or better be unnecessary for users who do not from time to time touch the system settings, install applications all the time etc ;)

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