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Hello everyone.
I'm trying to set up a little computer for my kids to use and want to swap the OS to sugarlabs for them, to play safe.
The laptop already has linux on it, but this is where it gets complicated for me.
I am using my Mac, and Etcher, to burn the file to a USB and when the other laptop begins to load, I change the boot order to the USB (which it detects) but it just restarts and restarts.
I'm thinking that my fault is
a) the laptop is just too old to handle it
b) I've downloaded the wrong distro for my system
c) I've not set the usb correctly (but Etcher doesn't seem to give any settings to tweak).
d) none of the above :)

Any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance


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G'day Djames84uk, Welcome to

very interesting little OS for kids

1. Why don't you use the laptop with Linux on it to burn the USB ?....if that laptop already has Linux on it, then it is not too old. (which linux is on it btw ?)

2. Specs of the laptop, please

3.Etcher does an excellent job of putting an iso onto a usb stick....I cant imagine that would be the problem

if the laptop for the kids is restarting over and over, that would usually mean that it is searching for something to boot to, but is not finding anything. there actually anything on the usb ?.......will the usb boot on your mac?...

To actually boot the drive, reboot your Mac and hold down the Option key while it boots. You'll see the boot options menu appear. Select the connected USB drive. The Mac will boot the Linux system from the connected USB drive.


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Thanks for the reply. I got it sorted. It was a version not compatible with my laptop. I call it a laptop, it's actually one of those old netbook things, so only a 32-bit system, and that's what I needed.
Found a version, trisquel, that seems to be working.

Thanks for your help

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