System font gets set to 1pt on logout...KDE issue?


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Hi, new to linux. Been testing the most recent versions of various KDE based distros...Manjaro, Kubuntu, KDE Neon and one other I can't recall right now. Anyway I have been plagued by one recurring issue across all distros. When I logout the system font gets sets to something so small its unreadable. It doesn't happen on a restart or a shutdown. I can see enough to login but once the desktop is up it's ridiculously hard to navigate around to try and troubleshoot.

My main monitor is 1440p and I also have a 1080p TV connected. Video card is GT720 with the latest nividia 440 driver.

After the initial install I generally install chromium and that's about it, pretty vanilla set up for my testing. I do make the same tweaks each time like window behaviour etc. I don't do anything with the display or font settings except to have the active screen follow the mouse. Despite my monitor being primary, from a fresh install apps default to the TV for some reason.

Any ideas where to start and troubleshoot this issue?


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