System76 Darter Pro (darp6) first looks


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I received my new Darter Pro (darp6) yesterday as my new 'work' laptop.

My upgrades were the cpu, memory and the drive:

1× 4.9 GHz i7-10510U (1.8 up to 4.9 GHz - 8MB Cache - 4 Cores - 8 Threads) $199.00
1× 64 GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2666 MHz (2x32GB) $499.00
500 GB NVMe Seq Read: 3,500 MB/s, Seq Write: 3,200 MB/s $145.00

My only complaint was the time from order to ship - which was ~15 days.

Overall I love this thing - no complaints. Please check out the video below to watch!



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Oh my Lord. :O And here I thought 8 GB was a good amount... Kudos to you! :) I bet you can't WAIT to run liek 50 VMs.... Or at least, that's what *I* would do. :3 I'll check out the video good sir! ;3

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