Tails Linux 3.0 is now available


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Tails 3.0 is now available for download. Tails Linux OS is a 'live system' meant to help preserve your privacy and anonymity. Being a 'live system', you install it on removable media like a USB stick, DVD, CD or SD card. This makes it very handy to plug into any computer and use it as if you were back on your home PC.

Tails is free software and 3.0 is based on the upcoming release of Debian 9 (Stretch - due out June 17th).

Some of the improvements for this version are:

  • Tails Greeter has been completely redesigned, this is the application used to configure Tails upon startup.
  • Tails shutdown experience has been redesigned to be more reliable and discrete.
  • Switched to the default black screen of GNOME
  • The Files application has been redesigned to reduce clutter and make the interface easier to use.
  • Improved notification area
  • 64-bit only - removed support for 32-bit hardware
  • Multiple updates in 3rd party software (Tor browser, KeePassX, LibreOffice, etc..)
  • More hardware supported on included X.org server
  • UEFI boot fixed on some machines
  • More...
To read more about Tails 3.0 as well as its new features and improvements, see their official announcement here:

Installation instructions:



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