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You may regret asking this question.(?) OK, for a few years now, I've been having one failure after another trying to get a LinuxMint O.S. (a "full" install) to perform properly via a 2.0/3.0 pendrive. I experience severe lag and freezes and, sometimes, complete "crashes". I'd love to have you direct one of your videos to this issue. If you choose to do so, me to let me know. Again understand, I'm referring to a "full" install as opposed to running "live".


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I want to learn how to command the following:
When I dock my laptop;
files x,y,z are synchronized/ backed up;
from local drives c,d,e,
to storage drive f that resides in dock

Thinkpad X220 with Ultrabase3
c:/mSata 250GB ssd
d:/sataIII 250GB ssd
e:/SDXC 64GB
f:/hdd 320GB
os Mint 19.1xfce

I think after I wrap my head around how to do that, I should also be able to have pictures on my phone sync with file in my laptop when the usb cable is hooked up

That is what I want to learn.
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Some of this I know how to do, some I don't. Just ideas for you.
how to setup a DNS server
how to setup a print server
how to setup an NFS server
basic bash scripting
setting up Samba
security in Linux, what settings changes you should make on a new Linux computer (i.e. change SSH port).
how to troubleshoot issues, where to look for logs and what to look for
what to do when you make a video driver change and now have no gui (this one throws me). I used to be able to fix it when I could go into Xorg.conf but that file doesn't exist anymore :(
As a newbie to Linux Mint I would like to see tutorials that help those of us who have a vast experience with windoze and need assistance in the transition to Unix. What I would find specifically helpful are videos that explain how tasks that are common place to us are preformed in Mint. Some of those would be program instillation, uninstall of programs with utilities in Mint like those provided in that other OS. How to imiage you install for a recovery when things go badly to name a few.
I have used timeshift, however it seems to inatall the snapshots on the same partition. I've already broken Miint so badly trying to install Nvida drivers that I had to do a clean install! There was probably a way to recover but hey I'm a newbie :(
Yeah, if you break your video and can't get into the gui, you might have difficulty trying to restore with Timeshift. It would be better to know how to fix it, than how to restore it. Also, usually when this happens we're talking about a new install and Timeshift might not have been installed yet, and if so, probably wouldn't have had time to have done a backup. Nothing against Timeshift Wiz. I know how you love it :)
Well actually, coming from that other OS, I have relied heavily upon disk images for workstations and servers alike. I used a package call Acronis that takes and complete copy of the partitions and with a boot disk restores them in a flash. I've noticed gladly, that Mint installs nice n easy, it wasn't all that big a deal. I'm using Timeshift now but admittedly lack the experience to use it efficiently. It's fun learning something new - ;)

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