That's it, I turn back to Windows - Spyware at The Hardware Level.

Intel has had flawed processors since way back I first heard of Intel Management Engine problems back in the days of the Pentium processors.

There were also other problems which were known issues about memory leakage with higher clock speeds along with other problems.

I think it happens with all processors however since Intel is the giant Intel is the manufacturer who gets rocks thrown at it.

Me I'm not gonna worry about because if you buy a new processor no matter what type or brand it will be flawed also.

Modern technology what a joke :p ya gotta love it. ;)
I think it would be safe to say

Secure Technology

... is an oxymoron.

Friday here in Oz, so

Avagudweegend all

People get mad that their tech breaks.

Me? I'm surprised that it works at all.

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