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Aug 5, 2019
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HI! I write this post to show my questions? I'm looking for if it is a nice things to migrate
  1. from Firefox Quantum to Palemoon
  2. from Thunderbird to Claws-mail
because Firefox and Thunderbird is not to much speed. On Internet some opinions are focused to Palemoon and Thunderbird.
What do you think abaut this probabily migration? My distro is Slackware 14.2-64bit+XFCE.


Also on slackware but 32 bit xfce I was using thunderbird then got an issue, from memory some bug was involved .I looked for alternatives and plumped for claws mail . researched that bogofilter was good for spam its on slackbuilds once installed you select from claw mail menu . i have 2 step google verification and had no problem using claws mail using created password for apps on google mail. I see no reason to back to thunderbird
I use Firefox ESR and Firefox Quantum and have no complaints.

I have also use d Pale Moon in the past and have no complaints.

I believe the browsers listed above are good choices and work well.

I don't use email clients so have no idea about which email client is best.


I haven't used an email client on my machines for a while, and the last one I used was ClawsMail. I have used Thunderbird (and a few others), and I do think there's less messing around with T-bird than with ClawsMail.
I went from Firefox to Brave but for mail I still use Thunderbird. I've tried a lot of browsers over the years but use Brave for its speed and built-in tracker- and ad-blocker. Also tried a lot of different email clients but to me Thunderbird is the least messy to get up and running.