The Things Linux Can Do windowz and mac Can't.


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Oct 22, 2020
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Just watched this video...of cause us Linux users already knew this but for those thinking of switching to Linux it's worth a watch.

The guy says you don't need to install Printer/Scanner Drivers but that's not true as I found a few months ago...the Printer is detected but you must download and install the lucky us Linux users are.

Further informative info here:
Evidently it's modern and recent printers that are able to take advantage of driverless printing. The old HP LaserJet P2015 from 2006 that continues to work here still needs the driver installed, which fortunately is still provided in the printer driver packages.
On other things linux has over the proprietary installation one could include these:
  • the user can't easily avoid being "spied" upon by the proprietors in proprietary systems;
  • the proprietary installations don't provide free access to the source code so developers and users are more or less stuck with what the proprietors provide and are unable to create anything new based on the code, nor share or sell what they create;
  • costs are significantly different with linux being free.
TBH, my elderly Epson Stylus SX218 has always been able to scan & print off without even being connected to a PC. At the time I bought it.....and it must be around 13 yrs old now.....Epson had a 'Copy' function built-in to the printer's onboard software, whereby you lay your document in the scan tray, hit the button and, assuming there's paper present, immediately spits a copy out. So:-

.....computerised photocopying, I guess!

In the intervening years, I've found Epson's own 'ImageScan for Linux' software isn't that consistent. It appears to suffer from a buffer-overflow issue of some kind where half the time it reports that it can't see enough space to function......even when there's terabytes of room.

I find the KDE Project's 'Skanlite' seems to work much more reliably.

Mike. ;)
I doubt that you will have much problem convincing the members here with that video. I like his enthusiasm and his video is well-done.

I am not sure that Windows and Mac enthusiasts will agree with all of his statements and assertions. That's okay. As a piece that promotes Linux, it is does a good job.

Choice, flexibility, and customization can be nice to have, but can also be hard work. Many users choose Windows or Mac because they are willing to trade flexibility in return for Apple and Microsoft making choices and decisions on their behalf. Users get convenience and avoid the time and effort of choosing options and preferred configurations. Users may not think of it in those terms.
The big thing (to me) Linux can do that Windows and MacOS can't do?

Linux can be installed on anything you want (if you can make it work) and as many times as you want.

For some, I suspect it is that they don't need to pay any fees for the kernel itself and don't need to pay any fees for the vast majority of distros out there. You can download Ubuntu, write that .iso to disk, and install it as much as you'd like - and it won't even cost you anything other than your time, a bit of electricity, and maybe an optical disk if you go that route.
I'd like to see the guy in the video get my new Epson Printer/Scanner to work without Drivers.

There are many things not mentioned spyware...updates that don't damage your system...the freedom to do whatever you like on your own computer without the fear of your licence being cancelled...create an image of my Drive and put it on another computer...try before you install with a live session and many more.
Linux is moving towards doing everything Windows can do as for MAC well that is just another Linux OS with a face lift controlled by a corporation. I can't really think of anything I can't do on Linux compared with Windows 10/11 Linux offers freedom, no viruses and less strain on your hard drive and no license key.
Linux offers freedom, no viruses and less strain on your hard drive and no license key.
I can't really think of anything I can't do on Linux compared with Windows 10/11
You already have

And it's free.

And all its apps are free

And you get to enjoy the excruciatingly wonderful company/chatter of the folk at

You get a system restore app (Timeshift) that actually works.

You get to try out more distros than you have had hot

and on...and on & on....the list is endless.
The video I found was directed at anyone thinking of switching to Linux of cause the video didn't mention everything because there's so many that's the best thing.
... as for MAC well that is just another Linux OS with a face lift controlled by a corporation
This is the dumbest thing to say I have seen this week. MacOS was not derrived from Linux, thank goodness. I'm sorry but that sounded like an insult about Linux.

I didn't watch the video. I don't need that to convince me, because it was long ago that I believed in Linux, but I wish the "big interests" weren't so involved with it. Otherwise it was like the OP said recently.
I admire everyone's enthusiasm for Linux, but I caution people against statements that imply that Linux has no viruses or cannot be infected with malware. It isn't true. A qualified statement would be much better:

"Linux is far less likely to be infected with malware than other operating systems."

"Linux is more secure from viruses and malware than other OSs."


. . . . .

... and taking the opportunity to insult everyone above:
If you base it only on this thread, the one thing that Linux has that the other platforms do not is overly smug users. ;-p